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Today's special is pain relief with a side of relaxation!

Any of these can be made to order and are served all day. Every massage includes a combination of techniques to give you a delectable experience.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage  (MLD) A gentle style of massage which encourages the natural drainage of lymph, a fluid that carries waste products out of the tissues back towards the heart. It is especially helpful for post-surgical swelling of tissues, most often when lymph nodes have been removed. Also reduces swelling and inflammation due to injury and boosts the immune system.

Craniosacral Therapy  Profoundly relaxing light-touch therapy that works with the central nervous system to restore balance to the entire body - especially effective for head, neck, back, and jaw pain.

Active Isolated Stretching  Method of muscle lengthening and fascial release which promotes functional and physiological restoration of deep and superficial fascial planes.

Kinesio Taping  Rehabilitative taping technique which provides support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body's range of motion. Alleviates pain and encourages lymphatic drainage.

Deep Tissue  Lengthen and stretch muscles to reduce pain, knots and hypertonicity.

Injury Treatment  Specific massage techniques according to an individualized treatment plan to decrease pain and scar tissue from injury or repetitive stress conditions.


Swedish/Relaxation  Light flowing massage to increase circulation and relaxation.

Prenatal  Massage to reduce stress, pain or tension associated with pregnancy - body pillows are arranged on the table to make Mom comfortable.

Aromatherapy  Use of organic essential oils to enhance the relaxation effects of the massage.

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