Client Forms

If you're coming in for your first visit, please fill out the First-Time Client Health History Form. If you're unable to do so, please arrive 5 minutes early to fill it out at your appointment.

In order to bill insurance, most insurances require a referral from a physician. Even if your plan does not require referrals to see specialists, massage therapists are not able to diagnose injuries or medical conditions so insurances require us to have a referral in your file in order to bill. Some medical conditions are not appropriate for receiving massage. If you are suffering from a major medical condition, it might be necessary to get permission from your physician to receive massage. If these circumstances apply to you, please print the Physician's Referral Form or Physician's Permission Form.

First-time Client Health History form
Screening Questionnaire form
Body Map for Clients
Client Feedback form
Physician's Permission form
Physician's Referral form


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